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The sports are those which generally produce large amounts of adrenaline in the blood. Competitors admitted they are addicted to adrenaline. Adrenaline is a substance that is injected in the body often becomes detrimental to health. We can say without fear that the extreme sport is an addiction to the chemical that causes dependence. This drug is injected into the body through sports. Those who practice sports is an addiction that puts life at risk constantly. The extreme sport and can lead to death is sin. True Christians risk their lives for Christ and preaching the Gospel and not silly things like the wicked.(By theologien Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

Fatal Accident During a stop in Sao Paulo
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A fatal accident occurred on Sunday, 06 April 2008, at Ana Chata, in St. Benedict's Sapucaí state of Sao Paulo, near Pedra do Bau, resulting in the death of the climber Chang Wei, 41 years old. (Updated)

According to information sent by email by FEMESP (Federation of Climbing), Chang broke away from a fixed protection during the rappel route in Peter Pan, and died on the spot, suffered injuries from falling.

Chang Wei
The rescue effort lasted about four hours and was performed by men of military police, civilian firefighters and support of the climbers Elisha Frech, Sparrow and Márcio Bruno, who practically could do nothing.

Police said the climber was born in Shanghai and currently residing in Cotia, in Greater São Paulo, and came to St. Benedict's Sapucaí on Saturday, along with a couple of friends. The climb began at 5 am Sunday at the Stone Ana Chata, next to the Stone Chest. The fall occurred about 14h.

According to police Chang's personal belongings were found near the body and taken to the police station.

Chang Wei
As the local climbers, the weather was rainy at the time of the accident, which may have contributed to the fatal outcome. According to the climbers, had been nearly a week since the weather was wet, making the climb as much as abseiling in the region much more difficult and dangerous.

Although Chang Wei demonstrate experience in the sport, having already scaled in various locations and states, this is not the first accident that the climber suffered in the region.

Chang Wei
According to Elisha Frech, climbing instructor and guide in the region and maintains a mountain retreat in the "past year she had to be rescued in the little chest ..."

A preliminary inspection of the equipment carried by the climbers did not reveal any failure or disruption on the rope or rappel device on which remained fastened to the climber's harness. Due to the lateness of the hour, it was not possible to inspect the protections still on track to see if there was a failure somewhere.

Chang Wei
By the account of the climbers who were on the wall along with Chang, the more likely it is that the rappel was done with the aid of a ruptured or cordim that node whose closure is opened.

However, the information diverge. According to police, which resulted in the fatality was the rope that would have burst when the rappel.


The games worldly people who do not fear God, as these are dangerous sports that put lives at risk. Sacred gift from God to men. When I was estranged from God I love car racing. Today, I admit it was my fallen human nature that he delighted in danger and in emulation. Raphael died for the sake of the danger, the competition. A life lost in vain for a cause.(By Theologien Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

The pilot Rafael Sperafico, 27, died Sunday at the Interlagos Circuit in Sao Paulo, after suffering injuries in the Stock Car Light race. The medical officer of the class Dino Altmann, confirmed death from head trauma and cardiopulmonary arrest, according to the site of the Folha de S. Paul.

On lap 6, the pilot's car spun, hit the wall of protection with the back tires and the track was hit by Renato Russo. "When we got to the car by Raphael found he had suffered a traumatic brain injury serious and could not recover it, " said the doctor to tell that no resuscitation attempts avail. Russo was taken to hospital St. Louis with suspected leg fracture. He is not at risk of death.

The last death of a pilot in Stock Car in 2001, when the Goias Laertius Justin died after an accident in training officers in the category International Speedway Nelson Piquet in Brasilia. After the fatal accident, organizers announced several changes, especially aerodynamics, cars, aiming at improving driver safety.

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Por teólogo Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Aunque la mayoría de los seres humanos sufren la privacidad debido a la pobreza, la desigual distribución de la riqueza, la codicia y la ambición, los hombres de mejor condición de vida gastar fortunas en cosas inútiles como el deporte. Incluso el gobierno, construir estadios y arenas que se utilizan poco, mientras,a las escuelas y puestos de trabajo no reciben la inversión. La Copa de Fútbol en Sudáfrica, el Estado gastó miles de millones para construir los estadios y la infraestructura para recibir turistas, mientras que el lado de un estadio, hubo 20 años una escuela sufria sin ninguna reforma. El siguiente video es un ejemplo de la lujuria humana. Los hombres lejos de Dios sin el amor al prójimo y divertirse con los tractores que podrían estar siendo utilizadas en los campos de los pobres.


Dame fuego...en un tractor
03.02.2011 | En el Tractorpulling Zwolle, que se realiza todos los años en Holanda, el tractor Never Satisfied sufrió una gran explosión

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Lo sport rende il sistema mondiale di Satana. I veri cristiani e sincero che si aspettano che la vita eterna, non giocare e non vivere l'emozione di questo sport. Lo sport è l'opera della carne (Valdemir Mota de Menezes).

Renata Polverini, neo governatrice del Lazio, si scatena in discoteca dopo l'annuncio della vittoria.